ViewYou Now

The easiest way to create personalized video profiles.

ViewYou Now is the ultimate self-promotional tool and video is the heart of it.  Now allows you to upload user-created videos into a professional, easy-to-use environment.  Videos are housed within an “ePortfolio” where users may upload job-related documents.  Both videos and documents can be updated on demand. ViewYou Now profiles may be shared on your favorite social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). Complete profiles may be sent to anyone in the world as many times as you choose and no additional cost.  Plus, recipients won’t need to “join” ViewYou to see your information – the link is displayed immediately.  

Social Media Sharing

ViewYou Now profiles are confidential; access is securely regulated by the user.  Essentially, you control who sees your profile and how much they see.  

Customizable Security

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