Actively promote with the power of professional online video.

Customized private-label platforms are available for Universities and organizations that wish to provide this service under their own web presence. ViewYou creates, implements and deploys the platform, then provides ongoing application, video hosting and maintenance.

For Universities

ViewYou offers a platform that creates maximum exposure for your students and provides unprecedented access to those students for each of your employers, firms, alumni and recruiting contacts. Through a proper and secure channel, every employer relationship of your University can have access to each student profile.

For Businesses

ViewYou allows companies to showcase their human capital. Sales organizations, healthcare providers, customer service corporations and the like can utilize ViewYou, allowing their customers to put a face and personality with their contact. The biggest investment companies make is in their talent and ViewYou can assist in building great relationships between representatives and customers

For Associations

ViewYou is ideal for building strong relationships with members and prospective members. Through their video profile, association professionals can provide their expertise, their area of service, and their overall demeanor and management style. Creating and maintaining relationships in member-driven organizations is often a challenge. ViewYou provides a great touch-point for association constituencies.